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Writing is a skill and one that many otherwise accomplished people don’t have. As a regular contributor to Mark Bell’s Power Magazine, I interview a lot of strength athletes who have a lot of great information the public needs but who aren’t comfortable when presenting that information to the public. I also read a lot of websites and find grammatical and spelling errors that can interfere with comprehension and turn off the reader before they reach that crucial decision point.

It’s my privilege to help strength athletes get their message out where it can help others.

My work has been featured in Natural Strength, Strength Advocate and Power Magazine, in Powerlifting Watch Exclusives, The Chattanooga Times, Tennessee Parks & Recreation Magazine and print promotional material on behalf of the cities of Marietta, GA and Chattanooga, TN.

I am the editor of Garage Gym Life, the first home based fitness blog to cater to CrossFit athletes, strongman competitors, powerlifters and stay at home parents looking to improve their bodies in the privacy of their living rooms. The site is doing well and gets great feedback from everyone who visits.

I also write fiction and both of my novels, A Little Lesson In Manners and its prequel A Different Kind of Giant have an average 4.25 out of 5 rating on Goodreads.

But that’s not why you’re reading this. You’re here because you’re hoping that I’m the freelance writer you’ve been looking for to help you translate your ideas into awesome copy!  I’d appreciate the chance to talk over your ideas with you to see if I’m the right person for your job.

Contact me using the form below if you’re ready to partner with me to create great content! I will get back to you within one business day.

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